SC Guard unit to return with Gov. Haley's husband

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - The South Carolina Army National Guard unit that deployed to Afghanistan with Gov. Nikki Haley's husband l is coming home.

Guard spokeswoman Staff Sgt. Tracci Dorgan says the unit which includes Michael Haley is returning to Columbia at midday Thursday. A welcoming ceremony is scheduled to be held for family and friends near the airport in West Columbia.

The unit was involved in agricultural development and includes around 40 soldiers.

They were mobilized in January of this year and deployed after a month of training in Indiana.

During their deployment, the soldiers helped train local Afghan farmers in and around Helmand Province with irrigation, pruning, fertilizer use and crop marketing.

In a statement announcing their return, Maj. Gen. Robert Livingston called the unit examples of what is good about America.

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