SC native McGirt finds his way into PGA field

William McGirt (WCIV)

By Scott

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV)- Imagine what it is like to play your first major. Imagine that first major is in the state you live in. Imagine if you show up to that major and not even know if you'll be in the field. This is the story for Spartanburg resident and Wofford College grad William McGirt.

"A little nervous energy because you know you want to get in, but I went about preparing for it like I was in tournament." says McGirt.

Playing in any major is special when you do it for the first time, but so much was riding on this being McGirt's first one.

"To have it in the state{}I reside in now is huge. Members from the Country Club of Charleston have been very gracious letting me play and practice out there for years, they gave me membership last year, so to have it here in Charleston makes it much more special," he says.

As for the tournament, it will likely play like the major furthest from the Palmetto State.

"A lot depends on conditions, what side of the draw you get, it will play a lot like the British Open this week. Weather is a huge factor, it's as calm now as you'll ever see it."

Don't overlook McGirt to make some noise this week here at Kiawah.{}{}The past two tournaments he's played, he finished tied for fifth in Mississippi and tied for{}second in Toronto.