SC to hold 'first in South' primary in 2016

WASHINGTON (WCIV) -- The Republican National Committee voted Friday to grant South Carolina the "First in the South" Republican presidential primary in 2016.{}

The primary will likely be held in February.{}

"Early states like South Carolina{}have an important role in the Presidential nominating process. They{}are a springboard to{}help{}underfunded and upstart candidates gain momentum and{}potentially compete across the whole country. Allowing any{}candidate{}with great ideas to compete for President of the United States{}is a uniquely American ideal. It was important for us to{}protect that ideal," said committeewoman Cindy Costa.

The announcement comes after a 2012 primary season in which several states jockeyed for that designation. Now the party says states that try to usurp the roles as first will be penalized, but the penalties were not spelled out Friday.

The party also has plans to move up its concention to give the nominee more time to campaign.{}

"The 2016 Republican National Convention will be held in late June or early July, giving the eventual nominee more time to access general election funds. This important reform strikes a great{}balance between a constructive{}nominating process and giving our nominee more time to compete in the general election," said South Carolina National Committeeman Glenn McCall.{}


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