SCDOT: Crews have repaired I-26 sinkhole

File Photo (WCIV)

JEDBURG, S.C. (WCIV) -- A sinkhole that plagued drivers and road crews at mile marker 192.5 on Interstate 26 has been fixed.

James Law with the S.C. Department of Transportation said crews fixed the culvert underneath the road Wednesday night.

Law says they found a hole in the bottom of the culvert where the dirt underneath the concrete culvert box had been washed out by all the rain, causing water to get into the culvert box.

They don't know when the hole got in the box or what caused it but{} crews filled the hole with concrete to shore it up.

Crews plan to work on removing the steel plate that was secured over the road on Thursday and then repave that section of the interstate.

The crane will be removed Thursday night as well and all lanes of traffic will be open and flowing Friday morning.

Traffic will slow down again next week, however, when crews come back to remove the sheet pilings from the eastbound and westbound side of the interstate.

Those sheet pilings were installed last week to slow down the water that was flowing into the concrete culvert box. That work will happen overnight and will require them to bring the crane back to the median.

That will happen sometime next week but no definite date has been set yet.

We will update this story when the dates become available.