SCDOT focuses on cleanup, releases inventory usage for winter storms

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- South Carolina Department of Transportation officials released the final total of materials used to battles the two winter storms that hit the state.Winter storm Leon:

  • 16,200 tons of road salt
  • 133,400 gallons of liquid calcium chloride{}
  • 875,000 gallons of salt brine
  • 5,500 tons of sand

Winter storm Pax:

  • 17,100 tons of road salt
  • 73,700 gallons of liquid calcium chloride{}
  • 1,448,100 gallons of salt brine{}
  • 7,200 tons of sand

Officials said costs are still being added up and the totals won't be finalized until all the bills are in.Meanwhile, SCDOT crews are still working to remove debris from areas that were hit by the storms. They're focusing on roadways and rights-of-way along the roads.The right-of-way includes the area of residential property that extends from the street to the sidewalk, ditch, utility pole or easement but not private driveways."Clearing vegetation and debris as quickly and as safely as possible is a major priority once a storm like we have experienced is over," said Governor Nikki Haley. "Doing it the right way can be a time consuming process and we are encouraging South Carolinians who are able to do so, to move any storm related debris on their property to the sides of the road so that state, county and local agencies and organizations can dispose of it properly and efficiently." Officials warn that residents who are clearing their properties are not to leave piles of debris on the edge of the roadway which could pose a threat to drivers' safety.{}{} {}"SCDOT and its partners are doing everything possible to accelerate the removal of hazardous debris," said Acting Secretary of Transportation Christy Hall. "We urge the public to cooperate and follow the process we have employed. Together we can get this job done quickly."Officials also warn that only "vegetative" debris will be removed by their crews. Residents should contact municipal and county agencies to get rid of anything other than tree and plant debris. This includes garbage, tires, or other household trash.