School of Law plans to hand over reins to Infilaw System

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Despite outcry from students, the Charleston School of Law announced Wednesday its intent to transfer ownership to the Infilaw System.

The transfer still has to be approved by the South Carolina Commission of Higher Education and the American Bar Association, which could take months.

"We made this decision because a majority of the founders had expressed a desire to pull back and retire," Robert S. Carr and George C. Kosko said in a joint statement. "As a result, this transaction is part of a necessary succession plan that ensures that the Charleston School of Law will be viable and thrive over the long term."

Carr and Kosko are directors and founders of the Charleston School of Law.

"One of the key reasons we chose to move forward with InfiLaw is because it is committed to maintaining the best of the Charleston School of Law, including our culture and vision, while at the same time bringing its strengths, including investment in the law school in terms of systems, programs and infrastructure, as well as a demonstrated commitment to public service," the statement continued.

A statement released to faculty, staff and students said they were also willing to entertain other offers.

According to Carr, the decision has been a long time coming; it was not a hastily made decision, he said. He said the school considered several other options, including becoming a nonprofit and weighed sales to other public and private institutions.

"As this process moves forward, we will continue to keep all interested parties informed of developments regarding this transaction," Carr said.