School traffic chaos continues at Sangaree

By Lia

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) - What should be a quick trip for parents to Sangaree Elementary School and Intermediate School off of Royle Road, has taken more than an hour for some during the first couple days of school.

Parents say traffic has been backed up both in the morning and afternoon.

"I went to this school here, and it was never like this when I was a kid," parent Jason Ford said. "It just seems like it got progressively worse the last few years. Then of course once the kids start crossing, once the bell rings nobody moves."

Parent Lachelle Courtright parked across the way and walked over, even though parking along the side of Sangaree Parkway is not permitted.

"People are doing illegal turns just to go into the other lane just so they can get over there to pick up their children in time."

Berkeley County School District says the first week of school is always busier, and should improve by next week.

After a crossing guard was hit in May, the elementary school expanded its parking lot and added turning lanes to reduce the congestion on Royle Road.

Nearby resident and parent, Cathy Bewersdorf, says it hasn't done much to help the congestion.

"It's almost impossible to get out of my neighborhood, to turn left to see the oncoming traffic that's coming. It's dangerous," she said. "Not to mention all the kids standing at the bus stop waiting and you're trying to watch for kids trying to get out safely yourself."

Berkeley County Sheriff's Office is helping direct traffic until Friday.