Seabrook Island rolls out new website

SEABROOK ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- Seabrook Island has a newly revamped home in the Internet. The redesigned website launched last week.

" was built from the ground up, after careful research focused in the latest tech developments and trends in the travel and tourism industry," said Robert Hart, project director. "By incorporating a fully responsive design with engaging videos and informative content, we can bring Seabrook Island into the 21st century and give it the web presence it deserves."

Island officials said they wanted to redo the site and accent everything locals and tourists want to know about the island. Officials said the design was based on their research showing what content was most commonly visited.

From the homepage, users can quickly access popular features such as vacation rentals, up-to-date news, dining and entertainment options and an event calendar.

The website has also been optimized for computers, smartphones and tablets.

"As one of America's most popular tourist destinations, the Lowcountry is rich in history and culture," said Hart. "But without the web presence required to engage and inform visitors, the region will remain a best-kept secret."

To learn more about Seabrook Island, S.C., visit

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