Details released on 911 call; Search continues for missing woman

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charles Gilbert is named in a Mount Pleasant police report as the man who found David Hedrick. He called police moments after he found Hedrick with a self inflicted gun shot wound to the head.

Gilbert found Hedrick on his bed with the gun still in his hand.

"Somebody has shot himself in the head and he's still breathing, so hurry up," Gilbert screamed on the 911 call.

Inside Hedrick's house on North Creek drive is where Gilbert found the Mount Pleasant man. It was moments after investigators say Hedrick shot himself.

"I heard a gun shot, and broke out the back window, and it was just too late," said Gilbert.

The call was made in the afternoon on Friday, February 10. It was the same day Dara Watson was officially reported missing.

Friends say the two were engaged. They made plans to take a honeymoon. The trip would've started after their November wedding.

"Wow, this is awful," Gilbert said. "He and his girlfriend broke up. They were just about to get married.

"His girlfriend is missing," he told the dispatcher. "I got a bad feeling. I want to search the house so bad I can't stand it dude, why else would he kill himself?"

Police say the couple recently had an argument over the wedding. This began the chain of events that led to several searches in the Francis Marion Forest, looking for any sign of Watson. Hedrick was seen near those woods by multiple witnesses. One of them gave him a ride back to his home just days before his death. He was seen carrying a shovel which is now being tested for DNA and fingerprints.

"Did someone shoot him or did he shoot himself," asked the dispatcher.

"He shot himself," said Gilbert. "He's by my side."

Initially, the caller said Hedrick was breathing but his vital signs quickly took a fatal turn.

"Does he still have a weapon," said the dispatcher. "Yeah, it's in his hand on his chest."

"Is he still breathing?"

"I don't think so man," said Gilbert.

"Can you take the gun out of his hand, do you have the gun now?"

"I have the gun," Gilbert said.

"Can you set it off to the side and secure it away from him?"

"Yes sir," he said.

The search for Watson continued Wednesday, partly in the Francis Marion Forest, while police also looked near the home where Hedrick and Watson lived in Mount Pleasant. Those efforts included bulldozers, search dogs and a helicopter.