Police: Crash suspects flee, are chased by neighborhood residents

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) -- Police arrested two people following a crash on Montague Plantation Road in the Hayden Hill subdivision of Brickhope Plantation in Goose Creek.

Goose Creek fire officials say a vehicle crashed in the neighborhood Monday evening. They say the{}driver took out several mailboxes and hit a couple of cars before coming to a stop.

Officials say police have one person in custody but are looking for two more.

Witnesses on the scene say a Heil Heating and Air van crashed into the mailboxes before hitting a truck and then a car that was parked in a driveway. The collision sent the car spinning into the front yard of the home.

Police reports say the van also nearly hit the home and that the suspects, who had fled on foot were "being actively pursued by neighborhood residents."

Officers found one suspect walking down Montague Plantation Road toward the Boulder Bluff Subdivision just outside the entrance to Hayden Hill.

That suspect, 40-year-old Gregory Wayne Seegers told police "without hesitation," that he was one of the passengers involved and that the driver was his brother, 38-year-old{} Donny Dave Seegers. He also said the other passenger was his nephew Ryan Seegers.

Gregory told police that he was sleeping when he awoke to the air bag going off. He said he recalled a woman talking to him and that he got out of the van and saw Donny and Ryan running away. He told police he was too drunk to see which way everyone went.

The report states he had minor injuries to his shoulder and leg.

Gregory Seegers is listed as working for Tri-County Heating and Air while his brother Donny is listed as self-employed. Gregory was also listed as wearing a Heil belt buckle.

Around 1:45 a.m., a tip came in that two men were seen going into a shed at Donny Seegers' mother's house in the Boulder Bluff subdivision. That's where police caught up with Donny and Ryan Seegers.

Donny Seegers had minor injuries to his arm and wrist from the collision.

Gregory Seegers is charged with public drunkeness.His bond was set at $262.50.

Donny Seegers is charged with hit-and-run, reckless driving and ignoring the duties of a driver involved in an accident with injury.