Second kitten saved from under bridge, taken to Pet Helpers

Tiny was found under the James Island Connector

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Just one day after Mingo the kitten was saved from Black Mingo Creek, another kitten was turned in to Pet Helpers with a similar story.Pet Helpers officials say a family found a seven-week-old kitten underneath the James Island Connector on the Charleston Harbor. Mingo was found by scientists on a marine archeology project last Thursday. She has already been placed with a family.Now the new kitten, named Tiny, will up for adoption after the Phillips family heard her crying while they were out boating.It is unknown how either kitten ended up in their precarious positions.Caroline Morris from Pet Helpers says it is very unusual for two kittens to be found this way just one day apart."If the good Samaritans hadn't come along to rescue them, these cats wouldn't have had a chance," she saidTiny will be spayed and given her shots on Tuesday and will be available for adoption later in the week.