Second suspect arrested in downtown Charleston armed robbery

Hawes (left) and Bolton (right).

CHARLESTON,S.C. (WCIV) - A second man has been arrestedin connection to an armed robbery in downtown Charleston earlier this month.

According to Charleston police, the robbery happened on Conroy Street onOct. 10. Police say 19-year-old Michael Hawes, of North Charleston, was charged with armedrobbery, first-degree assault and battery and possession of a firearm duringthe commission of a violent crime.

Police say the victim waswalking on Conroy Streetaround 8 p.m. when he was approached by two men; one of them was armed with ahandgun. The men ordered the victim to empty his pockets.

When the man refused, policesay one of the men hit the victim in the head with the gun. During one of thehits, the gun fired.

Hawes is being held in the AlCannon Detention Center. Hawes' bond was set at $350,000.

Anterio Bolton, 18, also of North Charleston, wasarrested Oct. 11 and charged with armed robbery, first-degree assault andfirearm possession. He is also being held in the county jail.

Bolton'sbond was set at $200,000.