Graham on flood insurance: 'We're going to destroy coastal communities'

File Photo (WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Flood insurance is getting expensive in the Lowcountry after the Biggert-Water Flood Insurance Reform Act passed in 2012.

Insurance agents say the law takes away insurance subsidies from people whose homes were built before 1974.

Senator Lindsey Graham was in the Lowcountry this weekend and he says he is working on legislation to fix that."There is legislation that I'm co-sponsoring in the senate that I hope will come to the floor in the next month or two that would address this issue," he said. "We're going to destroy coastal communities. It's going to be impossible to live along the coast if we don't get some federal help."

Graham said that while states are the primary agency to affect change, the federal government could help to lower premiums.

"We've got to make sure coastal communities survive and aren't driven out of their homes because of flood insurance costs," he said.