Sen. Scott continues to push for answers on VA care

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Sen. Tim Scott continues to press the Obama administration and the Department of Veterans Affairs for answers regarding the six facilities serving veterans and their families in the Lowcountry.

While Scott is having no luck on the national level, he has made some headway on the local level.

Scott spoke with officials at Charleston's VA hospital on Monday. During that hour-longconversationn, many positives were highlighted, but both sides agreed there's still a lot more room for improvement.

The lack of proper care for veterans has been an ongoing issue over the past year. It's also a fight that touches a little closer to home for Scott.

"The reason why I am so passionate about this, I think back to my father who served over 20 years in the Air Force. I have two bothers who are on active duty," he said.

The biggest problem Scott hears every day is the long wait times. In one case, Scott cites a local family with very little time to get care for their loved one -- and treatment came too late to help.

Scott is now looking for answers and solutions in Washington and at home.

"Certainly on a national level challenges is an understatementt. They have simply stonewalled me for last couple of weeks.We felt two weeks was enough time for them to answer some very simple questions," Scott said.

But that hasn't been the case on a local level. On Monday night, Scott talked with the interim director at the Ralph Johnson VA Medical Center.

"He specifically targeted the answers to my questions. He had good news on wait times shrinking since April. I think some of the exasperation of the national scene created a laser like focus here in the state. I think that's a good response," Scott said.

Scott said he plans to continue to press for answers and keep the focus on care issues at the VA.

Scott hopes to create more transparency between veterans and VA officials by hosting a town hall meeting. No date has been set yet, but it is in the works, he said.

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