SEWE goes digital with smartphone apps

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) The Southeastern Wildlife Expo is taking a big step into the 21st century with new smartphone apps for iPhones and Android phones that break down every event and artist at this year's expo.

netGALAXY Studios, a mobile and web application development company headquartered in Charleston, launched the apps Thursday, a day after the kickoff event at the Mills House Hotel.

In addition to event information, the apps also include maps to every location with turn-by-turn directions and a Parking Assistant that will allow anyone using the app to mark where they parked their car and get direction back to it.

"This is a great feature, not only for SEWE, but any time and any place you need to know where you parked." said Collett. "You can even set a timer with the Parking Assistant so if you are parked at a meter, it will remind you when you need to move your vehicle or put more money in the meter."

The Southeastern Wildlife Expo mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes or Google Play app market simply by searching SEWE in the app store or from any compatible mobile device.