Sewell leaves Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy after less than 3 months

Sewell at a press conference last November (WCIV)

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- After leaving a job he held for over two decades, former Mt. Pleasant police chief Harry Sewell resigned his post at the Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy after less than three months.

Chaplain Rob Dewey confirmed that Sewell resigned on Friday.

Dewey said Sewell was doing a fine job and he was sorry he left.

"Totally caught me off guard, it was a surprise," Chaplain Dewey said. "I wish he would have stuck with us after for the next 10 years."{}Chaplain Dewey says he thinks the job turned out to be more administrative and Sewell thought he would be pastoring more. He also said Sewell wanted to spend more time with his family and was talking of being ordained in the Methodist Church.In a press conference last November, Sewell told ABC News 4 he felt God called him to serve his community in a different way.

"This ministry is what I call a raw ministry," Sewell said. "It's right on the front end, and it's where Jesus calls us to be in the deep crevasses that come."

Sewell served for 22 years as part of the police force. He was named Mount Pleasant Police Department chief in 2007, after a three-year stint as acting chief of the department. He also had worked for the South Carolina State Ports Authority.