Sheriff: 'This case can be solved'

Allison Griffor

By Eric

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charleston County investigators say the Allison Griffor murder case can be solved.

Tuesday, Sheriff Al Cannon said he is comfortable with the progress made in the investigation into the death of the 5-year-old girl. Cannon talked about the case, calling it solvable.

However, detectives are still dependent on some critical information they don't have.

The murder weapon was never found, but Cannon said Tuesday it was likely a 12-gauge shotgun.

Young Allison Griffor was shot while she slept in her bed. She died three days later.

"We have felt for a good long while, we have a good idea of who was involved," Cannon said.

Thursday will be a year since the shooting. And, while there have been no arrests, Cannon is hopeful one day there will be. He said the people responsible are in the area, and some might be in jail.

Cannon claims someone out there knows something, but their refusal to come forward has slowed the investigation.

"Certainly we are dependent on that, to a degree," he said. "Somebody's going to be in a position where they're going to say, 'It's in my best interest to give up some information.'"

Cannon said at the time of Allison's death, arrests were made in other robberies near her home on Pierpont Avenue. Investigators still say the Griffor's house was incorrectly targeted, possibly for drugs.

"There's no reason to change our belief at this point that this was a mistaken identity, in terms of location," said Cannon.

Cannon's not wavering or second-guessing either. He's not rushed by the passing of a year. He is more determined, he put it, to solve this little girl's murder.

"There's always an element of pressure," he said. "You still have to prove a case, the reality of that keeps you focused on doing a good job."

Cannon is confident an arrest can be made. He would not say how many suspects there may be.

The FBI has also been involved in the investigation into Allison Griffor's murder.