Sheriff clarifies comments on gun control

By Nikki

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) After his remarks on gun control made headlines, Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon clarified his statements about federal legislation and gun control at the ABCNews4 studios in Mount Pleasant.

Last week, Cannon told the media he would not enforce federal gun control legislation that he deemed unconstitutional.

"An officer is obligated and has a duty not to follow an unlawful order, and it's left up to that individual to determine and access whether the order is given is lawful," stated Cannon.

A week later, Cannon says his words were taken out of context.

"What I said is that I would look very closely at any legislation be it state or federal coming out of Congress that affected the Second Amendment, and that I would be talking to the Attorney General to ensure we were not enforcing some law that was unconstitutional," Cannon said.

Brady Quirk-Garvin started an online petition calling for the sheriff's resignation -- a petition he says more than 300 people have signed.

"I think what's clear is Al Cannon is oddly enough a loose cannon," he said following his clarification on the hot button topic.

Quirk-Garvin says he supports Obama's gun control ideas. He says judges, not sheriffs, decide if a law is constitutional.

"I think he's absolutely backtracking on what he said and I think he's realized, you know, the people of Charleston County want someone sane as their sheriff," he said.

The sheriff, meantime, may squabble over the words he used but he is sticking by his guns.

"You're going to offend some people and you're gong to have some who disagree with you. I think, unfortunately today we have elected officials who stand up and say what people want to hear. I have not, nor will I ever, be that kind of person," said Cannon.

Despite a petition calling for Cannon's resignation, another man by the name of Howie Comen has created a petition in support of Cannon.