Sheriff explains why man shot by deputies on James Island

By Stacy

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Avis Aiken had a lot of unanswered questions Monday, starting with why he had to mourn the death of his uncle Derryl Drayton.

According to police, Drayton's sister called 911 Saturday after he threatened her life and then said he would kill himself.

"The police were called to make peace. But it didn't end up with peace. It ended up with a life gone now," childhood friend Joseph Matthews said.

"We send our sympathies to the Drayton family," Sheriff Al Cannon said.

Cannon called it tragic. He said when deputies responded to the domestic call, Drayton ran away. When they found him, he had a 6-inch kitchen knife and put it against his throat. He wouldn't drop it or get on the ground.

Cannon said three Tasers would not subdue him, though they may have malfunctioned.

"In order for a Taser to be successful they have to make sufficient contact to deliver the charge and it doesn't appear that occurred," Cannon said.

During the scuffle, Drayton stabbed a deputy in the leg, Cannon said. In dash-cam video released by police, you can see him running away before he was shot multiple times.

"He has seven wounds. I don't know that they have determined which are entry and exit wounds yet. Most are on the left side, left arm, left chest and one in the back," Cannon said.

It's left his family wondering why the Tasers and talking weren't enough.

"They had all these cops that came here for one person. You Tased him. Handcuff him. Take him to jail. They say you're innocent until proven guilty. He didn't get a chance to prove anything. Only right now we're burying him," Aiken said.

The two officers who shot Drayton are on administrative leave. SLED is investigating the shooting, according to protocol.