Mother of SC State shooting suspect works at university

ORANGEBURG, S.C. (WCIV) -- Church members at Williams Chapel A.M.E Church wiped tears from their eyes as they remembered the life of 20-year-old Brandon Robinson who was shot and killed Friday at SC State University.

"Two lives have really been taken. The young man that committed the crime - his life is virtually over," the pastor said during the service.

Justin Singleton, 19, was arrested on Saturday and charged with murder.

Rev. Caesar Richburg said he's known Singleton's mother for almost seven years and said Singleton comes from an upright, Christian family.

"I knew the mother. He comes from a wonderful family," he said. "That's why it causes you to wonder why it is a person would cross the line."

Singleton's mother, Robyn Perrineau-Kendrick, works at the university. According to the SC State University housing website, she is a coordinator for one of the residences halls.

According to the website, she does not work in Hugine Suites, the residence hall outside which Robinson was reportedly shot.

After a moment of silence for the victim and suspect, Richburg prayed for protection for the many SC State students who attend his church.

"The reason why we need to pray is because that really shouldn't have happened," said Thomas Bonaparte, who is a Junior at SC State. "People always take certain things and want to make it bigger than what it should be. Prayer is really what was necessary."

Prayer may have been necessary but Richburg said the church has to do more to stop crime in the area.

"We are going to have to find a way to reverse this attack on the African-American community by African Americans," he said.

As many church members mourn the death of Robinson, Richburg is keeping the faith that God will heal his congregation's sorrow.

"I'm believing that we may not get over it. But I think the grace of God will take us through it," he said.

Richburg said the doors of his church are open for anyone affiliated with the university who may want to pray.

He said he plans to make phone calls to the victim's and the suspect's families.

The university had planned a vigil for Monday evening, but that will not be held.{}

This is not the school's first shooting. Jonathan Bailey, 22, was shot and killed in 2011 when police said three men met on campus for a drug deal.

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