Shoppers spend on day-after-Christmas sales

Scott Garrand (WCIV)

by Stacy

WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCIV) -- Store managers called the day after Christmas{}one of the biggest days of the year.

Target shoppers hit the store by 7{}a.m. Wednesday. Store team leader Rachel Gainey said Target opened an hour early to accommodate eager shoppers, ready to buy up the good deals.

"Christmas decor, decorations and{}wrapping paper are 50 percent off. Candy is{}30 percent off. We have to get rid of the Christmas stuff to prepare for that upcoming year," she said.

Shopper Sara Gray was happy to oblige. She visited Target on her lunch break.

"I do it every year. I love the 50-percent-off sales. I love buying stuff I absolutely don't need," she said.

The experienced shopper had{}some advice: "Get here early," Gray said.

But Wednesday morning thunderstorms kept the lines short at JCPenney. Store manager Calvin Tucker said business was slower than expected. That could put a dent in his high expectations.

"After Thanksgiving and the week before Christmas, it's probably the biggest transaction day of the year," Tucker said.

He said{}purchases are more common than returns on the day after Christmas.{}

But, if you are bringing a gift back, bring in a receipt. If you never got one, many stores will only give you an exchange. And if it was purchased with a gift card, expect to get a gift card back.

Still for some, day-after-Christmas shopping isn't about the clearance. It's just a chance to extend family time.

"I never really get to see my grandfather. I never get to spend that much time with him. When he comes down, we just have fun," Andrew England said.

Not all products are returnable, so make sure to check receipts before coming in to the store with expectations.