Single mother of five needs help this holiday

By Dean

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Christmas is just around the corner and there are families in the Lowcountry that are still in need and that's where Families Helping Families steps in.

The nonprofit pairs families in need with families{}who are willing to give{}back this holiday season.

There's no shortage of Christmas cheer in the White household.

"We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year," sings Renee White to her youngest child.

And there's certainly no shortage of happiness as White's four other children run into the house after a long day at school.

White is a single mother of five and she has her hands full.

"I need an organizer. Someone to help me do my five or six loads of clothes a day," White said as she dug through a mountain of clean clothes.

White's house is non stop.

"I'm like the Nike person. I just do it," said White.

White is on a fixed income and{}could use help this time of the year.

"I turn to my faith for everything. The holidays can be depressing. I have friends doing things for their children and my kids want the same things I{}just keep calm. You can have a mental break down with five kids so I don't let my self get there," White said when she was asked about the holidays.

But with the help of Families Helping Families, White's Christmas could be full of smiles.

"I'm looking forward to making sure every child in here has a smile on their face Christmas morning. As long as they are happy I'm happy," White said when she learned that her family could be help by FHF.

When White's five children get snug in their beds Christmas eve, whatever dances in their heads could come true. Thanks to one family helping another.