Sinkhole may be to blame for building damage

GEORGETOWN,S.C. (WCIV) - A deepening sinkhole is raising concerns with nearby business as they discover new problems.

"Everyday there is more and more cracks," Citgo gas station owner, Prashant Patel said.

Patel owns the gas station right next door to the Parish Place business complex, where the sink hole formed last month. {}He said there is unevenness to the concrete and sidewalks at his business, as well as cracks forming inside the store. {}Patel worries how big the problem may be.

"I worry about business because it may completely shutdown business if it is major," he said. "And right now I'm seeing bigger cracks and sinking more."

The crater sits in the parking lot of the complex owned by Tony Jordan.{}He hired his own engineer to inspect the building which was built in 1958. {}He said it's not a coincidence that the sink hole happened as the city{} undergoes a multi-million dollar drainage project.

Patel feels the same way.

"It's all related," he said.

Cracks have also been discovered at the county court house, which is only two years old.

County Director andAdministrator, Gregory Troutman said all the cracks are located on the third floor.

"We're assessing what the situation is and what caused it,"he said. "We don't know at this time."

The building is said to be structurally sound.

"We did have the city building official and fire marshals come out and confirm there is no problem continuing to occupy the building with employees or the public."

Phone calls to officials at Georgetown City Hall were not returned.{}{}