Six arrested for meth in Berkeley County

      Marlon Shamblin and Jacques Waite (provided)

      LADSON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office Drug Enforcement Unit have arrested six people after agents found a meth labs in two Berkeley County homes.

      Megan Davies, 20, 50-year-old Marlene LeClair, 32-year-old Marlon Shamblin and 24-year-old JacquesWaite were all charged with attempt to manufacture methamphetamine.

      Officials with the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office say deputiesfound meth-making materials at ahome on Royle Ladson.

      A BCSO spokesperson says the daybefore, agents also found "a clandestine laboratory containingcomponents used in the manufacture of methamphetamine" at a home on Raritan Road in Goose Creek.{}

      That's where deputiesarrested 44-year-old Christopher Keen and 32-year-old Andrea Marcum. They are charged with manufacture of methamphetamine.