Six months later: Front Street fire site to be cleaned

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) - On Sept. 25, 2013, firefighters spent nearly 24 hours fighting one of the largest fires in Georgetown's history. Seven homes and nine businesses were destroyed and one dog perished, but all other lives were saved.

"It affected so many people -- so many businesses," said David Evans. "One business owner had his home above it and his business inside of it. And he lost it all."

Evans is the owner of Target, LLC, a Mount Pleasant-based contracting company hired by the land owners to remove leftover debris. {}{}

"We're anticipating 80 truck loads of debris," said Evans. "The weights of the trucks are anywhere from 16 to 20 tons per truck load. There's quite a bit of debris here. You're talking a pile that's a hundred (feet) by 88 (feet) by 5 feet thick."

Starting Thursday, Evans says he and five others will spend up to three days cleaning up the rubble. But, Evans says it's not your typical project because Department of Health and Environmental Control officials found small amounts of asbestos.

"The kind of asbestos we're talking about is on the brick. It's mastic. So, you really have to grind it, rip it to try to get anything airborne," said Evans. "There'll be some perimeter air monitoring. There will be some workers here with half-faced respirators lining the trucks are working around as the pile is being removed."

Evans says while the crew is cleaning, they could find hidden treasure.

"Between the ages of these and stuff in Charleston, we've found all kinds of artifacts and different things from the Civil War. Who knows what was put in between the walls here," he said.

DHEC officials are set to oversee the cleanup process. The debris will be dropped off at the Georgetown County landfill. Any metal will be recycled.{}

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