'Slates for Sarah' tribute takes over Hollywood

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - It's been just over a week since College of Charleston graduate Sarah Jones was killed while working as a camera operator on a movie shoot in Georgia. Since then, there's been a tidal wave of support amongst her peers, Hollywood, and around the world, in a viral tribute known as 'Slates for Sarah.'

"She was an incredible person. She was infectious," said friend Amanda Etheridge. "Everyday working with her was a treat."

Amanda Etheridge met Sarah Jones on the film set of Army Wives and soon became fast and best friends.

"In her 27 years she saw more life and did more in her life than I think most people will do in a much longer lifetime," Etheridge said.

Jones was working as a second camera assistant when she was struck by a train while filming the movie Midnight Rider in Georgia. Jones was killed and several other crew members were injured in the incident.

Etheridge says the loss of life on set was not only a shock, but a wake-up-call.

"At the end of the day we work in the entertainment industry. There is no reason for danger and lives to be lost."

Etheridge and her friends took action in starting the 'Slates for Sarah' Facebook page. What started out as a page to honor Sarah and share memories, has become an international and viral phenomenon.

"Sarah happens to be loved by some pretty important people and they got that word spread out farther than any of our arms could have reached," Etheridge said.

From Sydney to Vancouver to Uruguay, film crews are paying tribute to a woman many have never even met.

"The camera industry, even people that didn't know what a slate was, are uniting together with the promise that sets will be safer from now on."

And from Downtown Abbey to Revenge, CSI NY and the Jimmy Kimmel Live - there is no doubt the biggest productions in Hollywood are taking note of the tragedy.

"It was crazy to see how many people cared and loved her without even knowing her, said Etheridge. "I'm so glad that I got the privilege of knowing her and for all these people to care about her without even knowing her is breathtaking."

A goal of the 'Slates for Sarah' campaign is to get Sarah Jones' name mentioned in the "In Memoriam" tribute at the Oscars which airs this Sunday on ABC News 4.

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