SLED clears deputies in October fatal shooting

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- The two Charleston County deputies being investigated by the State Law Enforcement Division were cleared to return to full duty earlier this week.

Deputies Levi Reiter and William Fawcett were cleared by the state police of any wrongdoing in the shooting death of Derryl Lee Drayton at a James Island home in October.

The deputies had been on administrative leave during the investigation.

The solicitor's office issued a letter to SLED after the deputies were cleared.

"The death of Derryl Drayton was a sad and unfortunate incident. Based upon the information contained in your report and in our meeting, our office will not be seeking direct indictments against any of the officers," the letter read.

According to investigators, Drayton threatened to kill his sister and then ran from officers. The deputies found him on Seaside Lane armed with a knife and threatening to harm himself, officials said.Drayton was aggressive toward the deputies, officials said, and the deputies stunned him twice with a stun gun, but both attempts were ineffective.

Deputies said he stabbed one of them in the knee with the knife, and the deputies started shooting.

Officials said the officer who was stabbed in the knee did not fire any shots at Drayton.