SLED releases full case file in Georgetown fire case

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) - State fire investigators released Monday its full case report into the Front Street fire in Georgetown.

The State Law Enforcement Division in November released a preliminary report on its two-month investigation into the fire. However, Monday's release included surveillance videos from the night of the fire and images they studied for two months.

SLED agents are still saying there is no evidence of an intentionally committed act because there just was not enough proof that a crime occurred.

In the investigation, state police focused on surveillance cameras in the area that showed people and placed just moments before the massive blaze.

Burned out buildings, scorched storefronts, and flickering flames were what state law enforcement officials searched as they began their investigation into what cause the fire that ravaged historic Front Street.

Surveillance footage shows a man wearing a hoodie at an AM on Sept. 25. Shortly after that, a car was caught on camera at the night drop box. There was also a two-door coupe seen near Front and Broad streets, as well as a man walking along a sidewalk in the early morning hours.

Police eventually ruled out the incidents as suspicious.

The most compelling video comes from a camera overlooking the Harborwalk. As the fire grew, so did its glow along the marina. At one point, embers and sparks drifted to the ground like glowing snowflakes on the wooded decks.

Firefighters were concerned it could also go up in flames.

After extensive interviews with people who lived nearby, SLED agents said there was no reason to believe anyone was involved in the fire.

For now, it's still a mystery on what sparked the disaster.

The SLED report also details the difficulty firefighters faced as they battled the massive blaze. They were finally able to stop it at 709 Front Street, but not before eight buildings and several boats were damaged or destroyed.

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