Fair ride operator's act of kindness makes disabled child's day

By Stacy

RAVENEL, S.C. (WCIV) -- He may be short on words, but not on love. Caleb Brown, 8, has been diagnosed with a syndrome that only 800 people in the world have: Phelan-McDermid Syndrome.{}

"It's on the twenty-second chromosome. He's missing the bottom portion," his mother Kathy Brown said.

His syndrome causes Caleb Brown to have trouble walking, talking and moving. His mother said he functioned at the level of a 2-year-old.

"Other than that he's a pretty healthy kid. He likes to play and do things other kids do," she said.

Like many families, she said their family goes to the fair every year.

"He loves it; the bright lights, the music," Brown said.

But a simple act of kindness made this year's fair trip different than any other.

"We were standing in line for the music express ride. The gentleman running it called me over," Brown said.

Their family didn't ask for or expect any special treatment, she said, but it was this operator, Levell Thompson, who went out of his way to make their day.

"He said, 'Y'all come to the front.' So we went to the exit. He let us get on so we didn't have to climb up the stairs. When it ended, he moved the little tram around to the exit so [Caleb] didn't have to walk all the way around," Brown said.

She wanted to recognize and thank Thompson, the man who showed how such a small act of kindness could go a very long way.

"We could've stood in line with everyone else. It wouldn't have hurt our feelings any. But he noticed we had a little something special and made sure he got on the ride and had fun," Brown said.

And for any mother, her child's happiness is priceless.

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