The Sanctuary Hotel evacuated after small fire

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) - A small fire caused The Sanctuary Hotel to be evacuated Saturday afternoon, according to firefighters.

According to St. John's Fire and Rescue, a plastic container with oily rags and mop heads was smoldering in a storage area.{}

Fire crews responded just after noon Saturday.{} The sprinkler system put out the fire, containing it to the one room.

"Fire sprinklers have proven themselves yet again as an invaluable tool to improve property and life safety," said Fire Marshal Mike Julazadeh. "A single fire sprinkler head activated and controlled the fire until the fire department arrived. These systems are designed to control the fire or reduce the growth of the fire until the fire department can intervene."

The hotel was evacuated until firefighters ventilated the building. Firefighters say the cause of the fire was spontaneous ignition of oil rags and mop heads.{}

No injuries were reported.{} A fire watch was put in place until all fireprotection systems are restored to service.