'Small number' of Wando students diagnosed with staph infection

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - A day after a Wando football player showed signs of a possible staph infection on his leg, school district officials said a few students have been diagnosed.

Officials said they are waiting on additional tests to determine whether more students have been diagnosed. In the meantime, uniforms, gear, and facilities have been disinfected and sanitized.

Charleston County School District officials said several boys cross country team members with skin irritations were referred to their doctors.

Four band members had rashes, officials said, but were cleared. They four band members were diagnosed with heat rash and contact dermatitis, district officials said.

The investigation began Wednesday when a football player pointed out a skin irritation to the team's trainer, according to district officials. That irritation was diagnosed by a doctor as a staph infection.

As a result, the trainer began the process of checking all football players, directing any with a skin irritation to visit their family doctors.

A letter was also sent home to each player's family, alerting them to the health concern and recommending they watch their children closely for skin rashes or irritations.

According to a statement from the district, some of the students were tested with negative results. But others came back positive for a staph infection.

Practice was canceled Thursday morning.

Officials did not say whether practice would resume Friday.

Staph infections are routinely treated with antibiotic creams or pills. However, untreated, a staph infection can cause widespread blistering, and in extreme cases death.