Smooth sailing to the PGA Championship

PGA Parking (Joe O'Neill/WCIV)

By Dean

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- Rain or shine, there is a direct detailed plan for those coming and going to the 94th PGA Championship.

"There's going to be some different times, some peak hours probably in the morning times and late afternoon but we have a good plan," said Captain Jim Woods with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office. "We are ready to go."

Traffic concerns are not much of a concern for the early part of the week.

"We figure Monday and Tuesday will be our light days which will work out well for us," said Capt. Woods. "We can tweak our plan, work out some little last minute things that may come up but all in all I think we are ready."

The volume of cars is expected to change come mid-week for the final day of practice on Wednesday and Thursday's first round of play.But there's a plan for that.

"Cars are directed to this massive field at the top of the island near Freshfields Village," explained Capt. Woods. "Fans are then shuttled by bus to the Ocean Course."

"It's super easy to get in," said attendee Alex Perkins. "No traffic, easy parking and I got right on the shuttle."

The shuttle ride from the beginning to the end was an amazing journey for John Pine. He traveled more than 3000 miles from Wyoming to see golf's final major.

"From Charleston to here was okay, like a country road with overhanging moss trees," said Pine. "But the route on 26 from Columbia to Charleston was like a NASCAR race, bumper to bumper and everyone going 85 miles an hour."

Once on the island, however, life slowed down to a leisurely stroll.

If you plan to head out to the Ocean Course anytime this week, be sure you're aware of which route you should take. You can find Kiawah's suggested traffic pattern here.Also, organizers have provided a special shuttle to take attendees from the parking area at Freshfields Village straight to the tournament. You can find a map of the parking area here.