More travelers wish they took this route to the PGA Championship

Michele Wilson-Dennis and her group riding in Sunday

By Mike

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) - It's a little late for this PGA Championship travel tip, but for those who have used it all week, they wouldn't change a thing.

"We like bike traveling a lot," said Suzanne Mahoney who lives just outside Chicago and is staying in her Kiawah Island condo for the week. Her ride to the course is only about two and half miles.

"We rode the beach, then came in on the path. We didn't want to wait on the bus later on, it'll be crazy," she said.

Crazy is the right word to describe the shuttle bus Saturday night. Several people reported waiting as long as an hour to get on a bus.

For others, bikes have been the way to go. The Ocean Course parking area has enough racks to hold hundreds of bikes.

"The wait is right there. We are out of here in ten minutes," said a man who is here with six friends from California and Virginia for the week.

The group, staying at the Marsh Cottages, laughed when they talked about riding home in the torrential downpour Saturday night.

"It was probably the coolest we've been all week. I'd take riding in the rain then waiting in that line," said one of the men.

Everyday this week, hundreds of bikes could be seen parked on racks right outside the front gates.

"The one day, we did the bus with the high winds and were like, 'man, we should've rode the bikes!'" said Michele Wilson-Dennis from Dallas who is at the tournament with a group to cheer on friend and Australian golfer John Senden.

Wilson-Dennis and her group took the eight-mile trip from Shipwatch on bikes, also riding a portion of the trip on the beach.

It was smooth sailing all week for those who made the bike a part of their daily trip to the PGA Championship - a move more visitors probably wish they had made.