SNAP benefits to reduce today

COLUMBIA, S.C.(WCIV) - People receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefitswill see their monthly benefits drop this month.

The temporary increase inbenefits provided by the federal stimulus expired Thursday. Congress did notvote to extend the stimulus funding for SNAP recipients, so the reduced fundingwill be the norm.

In South Carolina, 417,000 households comprisedof 877,000 people receive more than $115 million in food stamp, according to numbers released for September.

Food stamp funding has beenhotly contested in South Carolina,including down to further restrictions on what people can purchase with theirSNAP funds.

Earlier this year, South Carolina's publichealth chief says further restricting what people can buy with food stampsmight be a way to cut down on the state's obesity problem.

Department of Health andEnvironmental Control director Catherine Templeton said she would like to seepeople who get public food assistance restricted to basically the same foodlist available to women and children who get similar help.

Templeton has said she doesn'tsupport banning junk food but says taxpayer money shouldn't be used to buy it.

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