'Snobby' Charleston also friendliest city in US

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charleston's snobby ways are apparently not enough to keep it out of the top spot for friendliest cities in the U.S.

According to a Conde Nast Traveler survey released Tuesday, Charleston is the friendliest city in the country, thanks to being perpetually "gracious and beautiful." Respondents described the Holy City's locals as "insanely nice."

"The charm of this city brings me back every year," praised one devoted fan.

How great is Charleston? It also ranked first in the magazine's Readers' Choice Survey for best city in the world.

"The food, history, architecture and people are wonderful," said one reader in the worldwide survey.{} "A bucket list city!"

What draws people in? It's a combination of great food, beautiful beaches, ambiance, culture, architecture -- and people so nice they might be certifiable.

Savannah snuck into the list at No. 3, with readers noting Georgia's oldest city's "very friendly atmosphere."

Asheville placed fourth in the survey.

As for unfriendliest cities, Conde Nast's readers really did not respond well to the northeastern U.S., listing Newark, N.J., New Haven, Conn., Atlantic City, Albany, N.Y., and Wilmington, Del., as cities needing some work in the friendliness department.

To read the full list, click here.

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