Solicitor: GIlroy Pizza assailant gets life in prison for 2010 attack

Alonda Barron Desaussure (Dept. of Corrections)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A man accused of robbing and then slashing the face of a Gilroy's Pizza employee was convicted, according to the solicitor.

Solicitor Scarlett A. Wilson announced that a 51-year-old Alonda Barron Desaussure was found guilty of robbing and assaulting an employee at Gilroy's Pizza on October 3, 2010.

Wilson said the State sought a life sentence because Desaussure had previous assault and robbery convictions.

On Wednesday, a judge sentenced Desaussure to life in prison for the latest armed robbery and assault.

"Desaussure is the poster-child for seeking mandatory LWOP," said Wilson. "We are extremely grateful that the victim and the witnesses took an interest in this case and helped secure a conviction for the community. Too often, that is not the situation we're in."

According to the solicitor's office, the armed robbery and assault happened around 9 p.m. on October 3, 2010.

Assistant Solicitor Meg Haley testified that Desaussure had been begging for money on King Street earlier in the evening and had even asked two of the eye-witnesses for money before he went into Gilroy's Pizza on King Street.

According to the solicitor's office, while the victim was cleaning in the back of the restaurant, Desaussure took money from the tip jar. When the employee confronted Desaussure and asked him to give back the money, they argued and walked outside where the dispute escalated.

A witness called 911 and the solicitor says that's when Desaussure took a knife out of his pocket and slashed the victim's face. He then took off on a bicycle.

Shortly after midnight on October 4, 2010, officers with the Charleston Police Department stopped Desaussure because he matched the suspect description and found a kitchen knife on him, according to the solicitor.

Two eye-witnesses and several law-enforcement officers testified at the three day trial.

"The witnesses did a fantastic job and our community is better off with this criminal behind bars," said Haley.