Solicitor to seek death penalty in multi-county murder case

CLARENDON COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) -- The man accused of killing three women across two South Carolina counties may face the death penalty when he goes on trial.

Third Circuit Solicitor Ernest A. Finney, III said Friday afternoon that he will seek the death penalty against Jeffrey Eady. Investigators say Eady killed two women in Clarendon County and another in Charleston County in May as he tried to evade capture.

Investigators say Eady killed Sadie Brown and Maybell White in Clarendon County. Finney expects the Brown case to go to trial first, but his office will seek the death penalty on the White case, he said.

Finney went on to say that a conviction in the murder of Brown will strengthen his case against Eady when the White murder goes to trial.

Finney said he has been in touch with the Ninth Circuit Solicitor and he expects his cases to be called before the case in Charleston County because the cases will influence how Solicitor Scarlett Wilson will proceed with the case.{}

Eady is accused of killing Crystal Johnson at an Adams Run convenience store she and her family owned and operated.

Finney said he thought the White case satisfied the legal requirements to seek the death penalty. In South Carolina, prosecutors have to show that an accused person has to have a significant impact on the community, a long criminal record that shows no hope of rehabilitation, and that the accused committed at least three murders within a year of getting out of prison.

In the case against Eady, investigators say he killed three women in two counties in under 72 hours. He also has a long criminal history and previously served time in prison.

"He had a terrible prison record and is not suitable for rehabilitation," Finney said.

Eady was arrested in Florida. After being taken into custody, Eady reportedly tried to commit suicide by slitting his wrists.