Some hotels to offer discounts during Restaurant Week

Some hotels offering discounts during Charleston Restaurant Week. (Brandon Geier/WCIV)

By Sonya

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The countdown to Charleston Restaurant Week is on and this year is coming with an added bonus.

From September 5th to September 16th, it's all about food. This year, some hotels are offering discounts to those who want to enjoy the food and spend a night on the town.

Restaurants around Charleston will offer select menus for a fixed price during Restaurant Week, allowing locals and visitors alike to enjoy the wonderful cuisine of the Lowcountry. But now there is also an opportunity to save on accommodations.

"The restaurant week has over 100 restaurants that are joining in and participating and we have the 14 hotels in all different areas, so no matter what restaurant you are picking, most likely we have an accommodation that is nearby, walking distance or just a couple of minutes away," said Wesley Bloomfield of Charlestowne Hotels.

Charlestowne Hotels will offer reduced rates on all 14 of their properties across Charleston County.

"We are just looking forward to getting people in and letting them experience the restaurants that we have here and the culinary excellence, and staying in our wonderful accommodations, whether it's a boutique luxury downtown or just something a little more casual on the outskirts," said Bloomfield.

College of Charleston Hospitality and Tourism professor Wayne Smith thinks having hotels on board can only be a good thing.

"Discounting hotels during restaurant week to allow people to come here and really enjoy the reason they are coming here, the gastronomy, is a fabulous idea,' said Smith.

Another fabulous idea was having restaurant week in September.

"One of the things about our calendar if you look at our festivals and events, we are really heavy in spring and we actually don't have a lot in the fall and having restaurant week in the fall was a stroke of genius actually," said Smith. "It filled a need that desperately needed to be filled."

This is the third year for the event, and organizers with the Charleston Restaurant Association hope it will continue to grow.

Leaders at Charlestowne Hotels plan to do something similar for restaurant week in January of 2013.

For more information on the hotels offering discounts, click here.

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