Son looking for answers in mom's 'suspicious' death

By Valencia

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV){}-- When 20-year-old Robbie Johnson learned his mom, 37-year old Tabetha Grooms,{}had been{}found dead in her bathtub, he was shocked.{}

"She was an amazing woman. She lived life to the fullest. She never let anything get her down," said Johnson, who now lives in Orlando, Fla.

Johnson is the oldest of{}four kids. Police documents show Tabetha's husband called EMS to the couple's Summerville Home on West Turner Street because his wife reportedly had too much to drink and passed out in the tub.

Robbie says that story doesn't add up.

"Never ever would she ever drink the amount of alcohol that we were told. That threw the first red flag for me," said Johnson. "Yea, my mom may have had a few drinks but, she was never an alcoholic."

The police report also says{}Grooms' husband{}told police Tabetha Grooms started drinking on the night of April 27 and continued until she fainted. Larry Grooms told police Tabetha Grooms began feeling sick, so he put her in the bathtub and helped her take a shower, according to the police report.

Moments later, Larry Grooms told police he heard his wife fall and found her unconscious, the report states.

"We've heard three other stories. So, as far as right now, we really don't know what happened that night and we may never know what happened," Johnson said.

Johnson says his youngest sister lived with his mother at the time for her death. He also says the young girl is with her father.

A memorial service was held for his mom earlier this week, Johnson said.

The Dorchester County Coroner has labeled the death as suspicious. The Dorchester County Sheriff's Office says investigators are still collecting evidence.

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