South Carolina Aquarium releases turtle, brings back octopus

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - The South Carolina Aquarium released Wednesday morning a healed Loggerhead sea turtle from the turtle hospital.While out, the aquarists also found an octopus in one of their habitat traps -- a rare find lately. "We tweaked things a little," said South Carolina Aquarium Aquarist Shannon Teders.{} "We weren't having any success this was the third or fourth time we checked the traps." {}The big find had emotions high on board their boat. The young octopus will translate into a new star for an exhibit back at home. {}"We didn't expect to find anything because it's the off-season. I was really excited to get an animal to put on exhibit, and to have a young animal we will have for a long time," Teders said. Octopi usually live about two years.