South Carolina Brewers face a battle with beer bill amendment

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) The line at Coast Brewery in North Charleston always seems to be growing as the craft beers scene in Charleston attracts more customers. Brewery owner Jamie Tenny is trying to keep up with customer demand for more.

"People can come in and can sample up to 16 ounces, so they will typically have four, 4{}ounce samples. We just would like to expand that to 64 ounces," said Tenny.

Tenny and the South Carolina Brewers Association are trying to change state law, with a bill in the senate.

"It is a bill to allow in state production breweries the right to sell up to 64oz. per person, per day," said Tenny.

Tenny said so far{}it{}was{}smooth sailing with this third bill they are attempting to pass until last week, when one amendment added could cripple their small business.

"The amendment is a million per occurrence and then a $10 million aggregate, we just feel this is a little extreme. It's too much for the majority of South Carolina breweries.{} They are very small, family operated and owned," said Tenny.

Tenny said the senate is trying to be responsible by mandating such a high insurance policy, but the brewers association is hoping it will be reduced before the next vote.

"Make it where it's responsible in a way we can function as a business," said Tenny.

Craft beer fans say they are ready for a change.

"Other states surrounding us have already got these laws in place, so it would be nice you drink four 4-ounce{}things.{} That's the same as a pint.{} They might as well make it so we can enjoy pints," said Coast customer Melissa Crick.

A senate vote could come as early as Tuesday.

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