South Carolina election season in full swing

WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCIV) --{}Sen. Lindsey Graham left Washington Tuesday to spend time at his newly opened election office in West Ashley, where he gave a stump speech on his plans for a next term if he wins.

"I'm desperately hoping we'll come up with a contract with America.{} Aren't y'all?," asked Graham inside his newly opened campaign office on Orleans Road in West Ashley. {}

More than 20 supporters greeted him.

Graham says he wants to continue representing South Carolina in the U.S. Senate. And he proudly embraces those who criticize him.

"The chief criticism to me is that I'll talk to the other side. I think we need more of that. Not less. Just do it in a smart way," said the long-time senator.{}

He says his strategy to win re-election is to work with all Republicans.

"It's about Libertarians and Tea Party members and Reagan conservatives forming a coalition to win back the Senate. If I win the primary, the Democrats have no chance in South Carolina," said Graham.

Nancy Mace is one of six Republican challengers. Her Daniel Island office opened last week. She's trying to unseat the long-time senator from the Upstate.

"He did vote to raise taxes by $600 billion. You know, he says he voted to defund Obamacare, but he voted to put the funding for Obamacare back in the budget last year," said Mace.

She believes her lack of political experience is a plus as she listens to concerns from voters.

"I've never run for office before. I am a small business owner. I'm passionate about what I believe South Carolina needs right now. We need a new voice. We need representation. The people need to have their voices heard in Washington today," said Mace.

But first, those voices will be heard in the Republican primary on June 10.{}

Four other candidates are also trying to beat Senator Graham. State senator Lee Bright, Easley businessman Richard Cash, Orangeburg attorney Bill Connor, and Spartanburg police officer Dave Feliciano.

ABC News 4 will cover all the candidates as they visit the Lowcountry.