Special Delivery: Boeing's 787 set for send-off

By Stefanie

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- It's a big day for Boeing, and it gets even bigger next week. On Friday, the Boeing plant in North Charleston hosted a delivery ceremony to hand over the reigns of the 787 Dreamliner to Air India.

It was a full house as media and industry leaders packed the room for the ceremony. An Air India executive noted the work that went into each plane.

" I see the South Carolina pride every time I look at that aircraft," he said before signing the papers that officially bought the first Boeing 787 built in the state.

On Monday, the Dreamliner is scheduled to leave North Charleston and take off for India from Charleston International Airport.

The aircraft is the first assembled at Boeing's new $750 million dollar assembly plant that opened last year. The plane made it's maiden voyage of about 2,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean last spring.

The jumbo jet is made partially from composite materials, including carbon fiber-reinforced plastic. The 787 seats around 300 passengers and has bigger windows to add to the flying experience.

The plane's innovations include individual touch screen TVs and USB port chargers in every seat. It will also feature larger carry-on ready storage and is 20 percent more fuel efficient.

Boeing plans to assemble four more planes at the North Charleston facility this year. Officials at the company also say they hope to produce 3 1/2 planes a month at the plant by the end of 2013.

*ABC News 4's Jon Bruce, Sandra Ecklund and The Associated Press contributed to this report.