Special guest speaks to students at Ashley Hall on Veterans Day

Lt. Col. Edward Chamberlayne

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Ashley Hall girl's school had a special guest come to talk to students on this Veterans Day.

Lt. Col. Edward Chamberlayne spoke with grades 7 through 12 Monday afternoon about why it's important to recognize past and present service men and women on Veterans Day.

"Growing up, it's different being in a household where you don't have your dad there all the time - or your mom if she is in the service," said student Darby Taylor, whose father is in the armed forces.{} "Being the oldest, having a younger sister, I had to be more helpful to my mom."

"Everyone is very thankful for Veterans day, but when it's up close and personal in your own home, it comes to mind a little more often," said student Lizzy Walters. Her father is a retired General in National Guard.