Special primary to be held to fill SC Senate seat

By Tessa

CHARLESTON, S. C. (WCIV) -- With Senator Glenn McConnell stepping into the role of SC's lieutenant governor, his Senate seat is now up for grabs.

McConnell represented District 41 which encompasses much of West Ashley. It's a position he held for more than 10 years, until last week when criminal charges were announced against former Lieutenant Governor Ken Ard.

Hours before the announcement and Ard's guilty plea, the freshman lieutenant governor resigned. At that moment, McConnell knew he'd have to give up his Senate seat and fill in as the state's new lieutenant governor. It's a requirement of South Carolina's constitution.

The current term for the McConnell's Senate seat expires this November, and anyone wanting to run for election{}will have to file between March 30 and April 9.

After filing closes, the parties would "give all those names over to us and we would create the ballots and we would hold the election," said Joseph Debney, director of the Charleston County Board of Elections.

If needed, a runoff will be held June 12 with the general election taking place July 17.

McConnell has not completely ruled out running for his Senate seat again. The only way he says he'll do it is if the people he once represented want him to again take the reigns of the district.

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