Spring storms cause flooding in downtown Charleston

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Late morning storms brought unwanted obstacles for drivers and anyone who tried to get around downtown. Charleston Police closed Market Street until water levels receded.

"I couldn't walk on the sidewalk or the -- anywhere really. You know I'm actually getting my shoes dirty or wet," said Chase Barrett, who lives and works in the area.

But no one could escape the storm. From the market to the medical district, everyone braved the bad weather.

Torrential rains covered parts of Ashley Avenue and Barrett Street. It's a neighborhood where water levels are known to rise.

"It floods every so often. And every once in a while we get a little scare because the water raises up to levels on our car where it can get in our cars," said Zach Dunn, who lives in an area of Ashley Avenue that's prone to flooding.

Curbs and car tires because covered from relentless rainfall.

"They all get flooded. Cars down here will get flooded. It's pretty crazy. Yeah. It's pretty bad," said Brian Ettari, who also lives in an area of Ashley Avenue that floods frequently after severe storms.

Market Street near East Bay Street re-opened not long after the last storm, but some roads in downtown could take longer to re-open until water levels further recede.

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