Sprinklers douse fire at West Ashley condos

WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCIV) -- A kitchen fire was put out by a sprinkler system at a West Ashley condominium before firefighters made it to the scene of the fire.

According to the Charleston Fire Department, the fire started in the kitchen of a condo at 45 Sycamore Avenue around 10 p.m. Thursday. When firefighters arrived, they found that the sprinkler system had completely doused the fire, so they shut off the sprinklers to cut down on water damage.

The Fire Marshal found that the fire started because a pot on the stove had been left unattended.

"Unattended cooking remains one of the leading causes of fire in the home", said Fire Marshal Mike Julazadeh. "The combination of a working smoke alarm and a fire sprinkler system proved to be an invaluable tool to ensure life safety. Without these two systems working together, the property would have sustained additional damage and more tenants would have been displaced."

Fire officials said the tenant had a small burn to one hand after trying to take the pot from the stove. The condo where the fire started had water and minor smoke damage; the unit below it had some water damage, officials said.

A few safety tips from the Charleston Fire Department:

1) Never leave cooking unattended.

2) Never remove a burning pot or pan from the stove.

3) Maintain fire extinguishers in the home and understand their use and limitations.

4) Install and maintain smoke alarms in all homes. Every level of your home should have a working smoke alarm.

5) Every family should create and practice a home escape plan that includes a designated meeting place for all family members.

6) Once you have escaped a burning building never re-enter for any reason.