Friends remember the life of young, murdered mother

Amanda Black

By Valencia Wicker

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Yellow tape wrapped around the home of their best friend, Amanda Black, 25 was a scary reality for Miranda Schmucker and Lauren Ard. They remember Black as a woman full of life.

"We met Amanda actually through my mom and I think a co-worker of yours [Ard] one night and instantaneously became friends," said Miranda Schmucker.

Black was found stabbed to death in her West Ashley home on Friday afternoon. Police have charged Chesley Black, Jr., Amanda's husband with her death.

He was found in Sumter, SC early Saturday morning and will go through bond court on Tuesday morning.

Ard and Schmucker say they've been best friends with Amanda for the past eight years.

"We all three met the same night. We were inseparable from that moment on," said Lauren Ard.

They can remember their last trip to the mall together.

"She was a diva. Wow. She loved to shop. She always had to have the best of everything. That was definitely the last time, with our children. We were shopping together," said Schmucker.

Most of all, Schmucker and Ard remember Amanda's dedication to her family. Amanda was a stay-at-home mom to two children.

"She was an amazing. She loved her kids like unbelievable. She was always there for her when you needed her. You knew you could just pick up your phone and call Amanda. If you needed something, she'd be there," said Schmucker.