Stadium painted pink for Lowcountry Komen Race for the Cure

DANIEL ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) - Each year, about 220,000 women inthe United States are told they have breast cancer, according to the NationalBreast Cancer Foundation. Of those women, about 40,000 will lose their battlewith the disease.

Saturday, about {}8,000people gathered at the Family Circle Cup Stadium to help change those odds.

Men, women and children ran and walked in their bright pinkgear at the 20th Annual Lowcountry Komen Race for the Cure.

"Every breast cancer party that can't walk - we walk or runfor them," said one Charleston City firefighter. "And for all the names on hishelmet and all the names on my air pack. This is why we do it."

Many ran and walked with names of friends and family memberswho survived the disease and those who did not posted on their backs.{}

Survivors also participated in the race.

"This is my first year coming back and doing it as a survivor,"said Chauntelle Ferland, who was the first survivor to cross the finish line.

"Don't let it beat you," she said. "It's not worth it. You can comeback here and kick some butt."

According tothe NBCF, although it is rare, an estimated 2,150 men are diagnosed with breastcancer each year. About 400 of those men die from the disease.

"I'm a four-year breast cancer survivor myself," said DennisSmalls. "I know the chances are very rare. It's probably 2,000 men a yeardiagnosed with breast cancer and I'm one of them."

The money raised at the event will go toward funding local healthgrants and breast cancer research.

Last year, participants raised more than $800,000. The finalnumbers have not been released yet, but officials said the goal for the 2013race was $1,000,000.

If you would like to learn more about donating, click{}here.

The website also includes a list of resources for breastcancer screenings, education and support.