Stand Against Racism rally held in the Lowcountry

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) It may be 2013, but if you ask some people they will tell you that racism is still alive and well. To encourage equality, a special rally was held{}in downtown Charleston on Friday.

The city was one of a number of cities to take part in an anti-racism rally across the country. The event was sponsored by the YWCA.

Near Coming Street, rally goers formed a human chain to symbolize unity.

Several people say Friday's national call to action is more than just acceptance of one's skin color but instead, about accepting people for simply who they are.

"Today, when we talk about racism we're really talking about diversity. We are talking about the way our communities have changed. We have huge issues around immigration, issues around gay rights, women's health issues," said local YWCA executive director, Kathleen Rodgers.

"I think that the tools that create racism and the tools that create oppression based on race are the same tools that get used to oppress others based on sexuality, based on gender, based on weight, et cetera," said Jen Bennett, who attended the rally.

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley also made a brief appearance, proclaiming April 26 "Stand Against Racism" day.

Last year, about 250,000 people nationwide took part in the event.